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Mui Ne Triathlon Training Program - 3 weeks out.

As we turn the corner for the home run to the Mui Ne Triathlon you should now be at your maximum training level.

For a regular day job type working person like me, who has some resemblence of a social life (unlike me), 6 hours a week cross training is a good level to aim for. You will ideally do 4 x 1.5 hour sessions of bike-run, swim -run or ride. This added to a gym session or 2 should see you comfortably over the line for the full distance Mui Ne event of 750/40/8.

Those who are able to achieve 10 hours/week should be setting goals a little higher and considering nutrition closely too. With that sort of time sleeping, eating and recovery become very important.

However, If you are only putting together 3 hours / week cross training dont worry! You'll be fine. As long as 1 hour is running and 1 hour is swimming, you can wing it on the bike!  These are not the words of an over achieving weekend warrior but an honest and educated guess on what a lot of us actually do. Training is…

Vietnam Swans

The Vietnam Swans vs Hong Kong ANZAC weekend friendship match was a huge success.

Although umpiring for your mates can present a challenge at times! For details see

Auskick Saigon continues to grow...

Auskick Saigon continued to grow on the weekend and we saw at least 5 new comers who all got involved in the warm up, drills and participated in a fantastic match which finished 5.1 to 4.1.

Next week will be even bigger with new kit bags to give away and [all going well at the printers] a new set of team jerseys.

Auskick SaigonSundays, 9.00am at Parklands in District 2

For Full detail call or text Matt on 0123 896 8089

Mui Ne Triathlon Training Program

In anticipation of the Mui Ne triathlon in May I am following a basic training program similar (but not quite the same) as previously used for Olympic distance tri's (1.5/40/10) although this event is slightly shorter at 750/40/8.

Swim - I try to swim  twice a week..but lately it’s only been once!! ... A 750m flat ocean swim should be easier than a 750m pool swim even with the turns, but if conditions are rough being able to bi-lateral breathe is a must. It enables you to breathe away from the prevailing chop. Also polo is a technique commonly used in ocean swims to help keep you heading in the right direction. I am banking on crossfit making up the gap in my lack of swim training to provide some upper body and core strength. Otherwise I would suggest weights and push ups if you are like me and won't make your 2 sessions a week in the pool... (this is not really a training program - Its a craming program)...anyway...swimlike there's no ride....

Ride- The Mui Ne event is desc…

The next event - Le Fruit Triathlon, Mui Ne


Crossfit Saigon

Check out crossfit Saigon...  Very early each day in Thao Dien.

Auskick Saigon

Auskick Saigon Back at Parklands - From Sunday 17th April at 9.00am

Drills, Skill and Games for kids 6 to 10.