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Saigon Straight Line Sports: Leave a comment on SSLS and breakfast is on me!

The Fat Nut....

Update on the coconut - After recently stacking on a couple of kilos I was curious to understand my sudden gain in weight. Initially I was stumped, as I had been in a regular training pattern and eating normally. I racked my brain for an answer and after a lengthy process of elimination it came to me. In preparation for the Mui Ne triathlon in May I had begun drinking the water from fresh coconuts. In fact (now that I'm coco-free for more than 1 week) I will admit up to 2 per day...with each coconut containing around a pint of water!

I had heard the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals would help stave off leg cramps - Something I have suffered from in endurance events for many years.  What I didn't hear about (or bother to check out before I begun my coco binge ) was the other thing the coconut has.......calories.

The good: This food (the water) is very low in Cholesterol. It is also a good source of Vitamin C, Riboflavin and Calcium, and a very good source of Dietary Fibe…

Sport is not just about blokes...

It's also about the the arts....  Quinn on stage with Dancenter.

And  in the 'non sport ' moment of the day... with some random cover band at the Black Pearl Bar - Vung Tau, Jan 2011...

More street pics from Vietnam

....and  in the 'non sport ' moment of the day...

Swimming Carnival


Leave a comment on SSLS and breakfast is on me!

How can this be? Nothing is for free in this world! Especially in Saigon! Well screw that! This is dead set free.

I guarantee to personally come down from my office and buy anyone who posts me a comment a succulent Banh Mi and Ca phe da at the famous 'old lady' street seller on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai...out front of the centec tower.   HAVE I GONE MAD? Maybe? Must have been all the coconuts?...but its your treat!  Thats right. A bread roll with your choice of pork or fried egg and an ice coffee with 28 sugars ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you gotta do is leave me a comment. Its that easy. Call me a dickhead. Call me a nut.!  Post anything. I dare you! I'll be straight down that elevator to fix you up with old Chi Oi's special heart starter breaky!

Furthermore - If anyone decides to 'follow me' receiving updates of my blog and identifying themselves as a fan of my literary work - I will buy you the whole freakin banh mi stand and send missus chi oi home early!

You better belie…

Dear Jonathan,

G'day Jonathan,

Believe me when I say 'I feel your pain'! In December 2010, I suffered a brocken eye socket (Zygoma) , broken upper jaw and other facial injuries in a footbal clash.

When I watched your incident on TV I flashed back to that day here in Saigon in our international match against the Cambodian Cobras where I was taken out first few seconds of the match. Like you I ran off the ground,  unassisted, blood streaming down, pushing the trainers away, wanting to fight on but I knew my day was over.

Your return to footy a few weeks later was immpresive.! Especially the fact you kicked 5 goals.
On my return to football I did take a mark in the goal square for the Swanies in the 'Legends' anzac day friendship match. I slotted it, ran back to the bench, took a few autographs and retired on the spot (age 41). I've now turned my hand towards umpiring. So unlike you, I'm very glad to see you're playing on and I wish you all the best for the future. Hope you…

More Miscellaneous Sports Pictures - 2011


Crossfit Saigon

Most (well many) mornings Im here at Crossfit Saigon.

47 Thao Dien Road  Cnr. Le Van Mien

District 2, HCMC Vietnam Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 5.45am Saturday 7.00am Contact James -

Miscellaneous Sports Pictures - May 2011



Bike Review #01 - The 'Laux'

"Vo Thi Sau is a treasure trove of  bike shops and the astute cyclist can sometimes find a bargian or 3".

Today we will look at my recent purchase, "The LauX'! An unashamedly Chinese branded beast which trys so hard to be something its not...but in the process becomes something else!

2" deep track rims on a flat bar hybrid? Why? Who knows but it works for me and the acceleration you get with these inflexible wheel set is exciting. I fell in love with this bike as soon as I saw it but on close inspection noticed it needed a few improvements.


New bottom bracket (seal unit)
New tyres
New Derailleur
New Cranks
SPD Pedals
Something to build on; The frame and forks however are ideal. This is a 48cm frame which suits me well. The race saddle and flat bars allow good handling through the Saigon traffic and the generic caliper brakes do the job...but only just. Cranks are too short and of low quality. Rear Derailleur is a joke, but the frame, forks, decent qualit…

Auskick Saigon Continues Sundays 9.00am at Parklands. District 2.

Fee - 100,000VND /wk

Contact Matt for details +84 123 896 80 89    (or leave a comment here!)

Sport, Sport and more Sport...

Saturdays 8am AIS Soccer - At the AIS Sports centre - Thao Dien.

On Saturday the 12th June we will have a full 11-side match at the Parklands field. This will be a great opportunity to show all the teachers and parents just how far the players have come over the past few months. Each player needs to bring;.

AIS Sports ShirtA white Tee shirt or football shirt70,000VNDCall me for more details - 0123 896 80 89. Game time will be confirmed by a letter drop at school.

Almost 30 Students, Teachers and Parents from the Austalian International School of SaiGon competed in the Le Fruit Off road Triathlon at Mui Ne - 2011



 Below are the results for all the AIS Students, Teachers and Parents who competed in the 2011 Le Fruit Mui Ne off road triathlon. The race was held on the 21st May on Suoi Ngoc beach and run by Vietadventures. Congratulations to all the AIS people who competed, especially the many first timers. It was a very challenging course but nothing was going to stop those people who had trained so long and hard for this. However despite the tough conditions and challenge just to complete the race I have not heard one person say they wouldn't like to do it again! Everyone had a great time!

The magic of these events is the fact teachers, parents and kids get to do something together! As much as we love cheering our kids on, and sometimes them cheering us on - there are not many sports where adults and kids all compete together.  Special mentions to Mallory Beaumont - The youngest (possibly ever) 'sprint category' finisher! Jude Scott, Jay Russel, Thor Beaumont and Luc Ko…

Riding skills - Put them on your check list!

A couple of falls on the weekend by people in training reminded me of fundamental riding skills and how important they are!  We are all of different abilities but a few tips can help especially when you are expecting some uneven, slippery, rocky, sandy or wet roads;

1. Braking - Use front brakes with care! Never on lose dirt (Unless in a very steep down hill decent) and never ever when you are cornering!  Applying the front brakes 1/2 way around a corner is the quickest way to taste the dirt.

2. Bumps and Dips - Get out of the saddle! Standing on the pedals will give you greater control and less pain.

3. Pedal power - Most people riding in flat shoes will pedal with the heel or arch. Actually you will get much more efficiency by pedaling with the ball of your foot. Try it - You'll like it.

4. Gears (Who needs em!?) - Its true!..Gears are overrated, over used and can cause stress and frustration!  Common mistakes are; Incorrect gear selection, Cross chaining (causes chain to jump …

Auskick Saigon

The overnight rain bought some slippery conditions and it wasn't long before the kids found the biggest mud hole on the field. We did some tough 1 on 1 drills followed by a competitive game which finished 2.2 goals each! I think most will agree the progress of the kids is fantastic and the pictures show how much fun they are having. Thanks to all who have made Auskick a success so far in 2011! 'Shay getting the kick away under some intense tackling pressure'...

'omg!' 'A big marking contest' 'Lloyd was dangerous up forward ' 'Fred gathered many possessions in mid field' 'Lewis had a great game'... 'When your opposition is on the deck - Celebrate!' 'Jay kicking - nice smother attempt Lloyd' 'Big kick by Gus into the forward line with 2 on the mark??!' 'Champions celebrating!' 'Good work kids'