This weeks kids Triathlon Training

We will continue with Triathlon training at the AIS sports center around 3 pm this Sunday. As part of our preparation for the Mui Ne race on May 22nd this week we will increase to;

Swim 350m (14 laps)

Ride 4.5km 3 laps of BP compound)

Run 3.0km (2 Laps of BP compound) 

Expected time should be 9min / 16min / 12min + transitions of 1min:30sec each Total 40 minutes...but I know a lot of kids can beat that!

Come and give it a go - And mums and dads can join too!... And Remember

~ Your helmet

~ To ask dad to pump your tyres up hard on your bike

~ Oil the chain

~ Wear easy to slip on running / riding top (you must wear a top in the race)

~ Learn to tie you laces up fast! (or even get elastic laces which don’t need tying up!)

See you on Sunday. Matt 0123 896 8089

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