Saturday Morning Ride......... to Cambodia...

Rob and I at the border - This is as far as they'll let you go...
Peter drafting the 'crisp' man
Time splits;
Rob & I departed Thao Dien at 5.05am...(met Peter at circle of death around 5.20).
Arrived Cambodian Border Crossing exactly 8.00am.
Departed Cambodian Border Crossing 8.30am. (group split up)
I arrived back in Thao Dien at 11.10am
Averaged around 29km/h...for the day.

Excellent on the way out. Mostly double lane road with a shoulder. Light (relatively speaking) traffic.
Heavy traffic coming back into Saigon...(Took about 45minutes from District 12 to home)...

Staying on the highway its 79kms....

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