Proposal - Saigon to Siem Reap and Ankor Wat 1/2 marathon

Saigon to Siem Reap. The ride takes 4 days via Phenom Penh, departing November 29th arriving in time for the 2011 Ankor Wat 1/2 marathon on the 4th December....

Roads are surprising good this entire route. Even on the Vietnamese side of the border.
There is absolutley NO hills the entire way which makes for a relatively easy push.

Plan to average 24km/hr.
I prefer to do Sgn to Prey Veaeng day 1.
PV to PP day 2.
1 more over night stop between PP and SR on day 3
Arrive at SR on Day 4.

Fly home! :)


  • AWHM              = $75 (Ankor Wat 1/2 Marathon)
  • AW100km          =$75 (100km ride)
  • *Accommodation= $100
  • *Sustenance        = $250
  • Visa                    = $25
  • *Other costs       = $100
  • flight home          = $250
Total = $875

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