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Back to CrossFit after 3 month rest...I knew it wouldn't be easy.

Actually, Richard and Lieth went easy on us, or the high running + hand stand combination suited me as I didn't suffer too much. Actually this post is just an excuse to give Cross Fit a plug. It is a great work out and incredibly interesting! Richard and Lieth really know their stuff and constantly give support, advice and instructions in way that keeps you coming back and believing you can do more and more. I could go on but really its better to try it and decide for yourself. Warning - Its addictive.!

(Tuesday) *Warm up* Run 800m *Russian gymnastic warm up - day 1* Upper-body pressing - 5 rounds of: Handstands x 3 Ring push-ups x5 Tripod/frog stand x 10 seconds x 3 Legs - 3 rounds of: Overhead squats x 10 reps ..
Session was ** 10 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups. Run 400....AMRAP in 14 minutes..(I did 4 1/2 )

Saigon Sunset and some pics from the school holidays


AIS U8's Roar into second round with a 4-0 win!

Shay played his first major football match today at the Hoa Lu Stadium in the city and our AIS U8's team came away with a 4-0 win. It was also my first tournament as coach and I gained great joy out of the result and seeing the kids play so well. I could not be more proud of them.  This an 8 team / 3 week tournament followed by 2 weeks of finals to the teams who qualify.


Playing on the trampolineisan awesomeactivity the kidslovedoing. In factthereis no doubtourtrampolinehasbeenourmostusedapparatusortoy - ever! It develops leg and core stregnth, coordination, timing and is great fun!

The Beep Test (Multi stage fitness test) courtesy of Crossfit Saigon

This test involves dashing between 2 ends of a 20m distance at progressively faster intervals as the beeps increase in frequency. Starting at 6, the number of shuttles increase also for each level.

At age 32 I managed to achieve 11.9 score.At age 41 I manage an 11.0
According to the chart, my fitness has actually increased when considered against my age.
Richard - of Crossfit Saigon scored an impressive 12.2.

Cycling Vietnam - Mui Ne to Vung Tau...Not much change out of 10 hours in this one..

Last time I did this ride in April I was a different man, on a different bike with Rob leading me out all day. We had a good tail wind and it took us around 10 hours...
Today I went solo and although we had inclement weather in Mui Ne the previous days, I struck gold with a beautiful day! There was a gentle cross breeze blowing , the warm sun was on my back,  ipod locked and loaded - heaven is the rode ahead!

Riding time 7.16.  Distance 196km2 stops - 1 Banh Mi, 1 Pho, 1 Stinger.... 3pm ferry VT-SGN
Even though it was Monday the road was dead quite. NO trucks, few cars and not even many bikes! Much of the journey is as peaceful as you will get anywhere in the south of Vietnam!

Mui Ne return

(The April Ride)
This was a great 1 day ride taking us about 10 hours including stops. The road is in surprisingly good condition most of the way and traffic is light. I foolishly did it on a mountain bike but in hindsight it was far better suited to a road machine. My riding part…

Kids back at school this week...Its show and tell time from the Holidays



Unfortunately Vietnam has a terribly high rate of child drownings. I don't want to quote a figure but drowning is the second leading cause of injury death in Vietnam and the number one killer among children under 14 years old. Alot of the drownings occur in inland water ways.
Ros took these amazing pictures at a small village about 20km from Sapa in Vietnam's North.
The kids are using sealed drink bottles tied together with string to help themselves float and play amongst the water buffalo.