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Cycling Tour of Vietnam # 3

Tour # 3Mid 2016
Cycling buddies being sought for this epic trip of  life time which includes passing by the Hai Van pass and the worlds biggest caves!  Checklist: 1) Bike  2) Smart phone GPS & Charger 3) Spares That's it!... Food and drinks are available on the road. 

The point of these rides is that they are unsupported but not unplanned. 
They retain a large element of unknown with out being unsafe. 
They remove some of the 'easy out' options in life to force you to test yourself.

Don't worry - I am always extremely well prepared and hardly ever get lost.!  :) 

If you have any doubt of the excitement to be realized by joining this ride with me then watch this Gopro footage descending the Hai Van Pass from last years tour.

I expect this trip to be the icing on the cake after 2 previous multi day tours and many single day tours which were all incredible in different ways. Actually I am quite unfamiliar with this region of Vietnam which adds to the excitement for me.

Miri,Taman Awam, Seria, Brunei and other places...

Things I have seen and done exploring Miri and surrounds over the past week...

1 - RUN  to Taman Awam
2 - BIKE to Seria, Brunei.
3 - EAT Steam boat at 883 BBQ Buffett
4 - SING Karaoke at "The Island"

Taman Awan in a public space in Miri close to town - on the way to the airport. Although I live close I had not visited before... and I was quite impressed. It has a SkatePark, kids playgrounds, pool, walking paths and a cool elevated walkway.

This week's ride went a little further into Brunei to Seria. However I was not quite aware of the strict fasting laws during Ramadan. No food to be eaten at cafe's or anywhere outdoors during day time. I bought a take out coffee and some eggs and hid in a bush to eat them. The laws are enforced by special police who will fine locals and foreigners if you break them. In hindsight, the extremely large snake I encountered on the ride over may have been a good meal option if I knew the difficulties getting a bite in Brunei.
The road to / fr…