Tuesday 24 May 2011

Almost 30 Students, Teachers and Parents from the Austalian International School of SaiGon competed in the Le Fruit Off road Triathlon at Mui Ne - 2011

Peter O and the AIS kids

Below are the results for all the AIS Students, Teachers and Parents who competed in the 2011 Le Fruit Mui Ne off road triathlon.
The race was held on the 21st May on Suoi Ngoc beach and run by Vietadventures.
Congratulations to all the AIS people who competed, especially the many first timers. It was a very challenging course but nothing was going to stop those people who had trained so long and hard for this. However despite the tough conditions and challenge just to complete the race I have not heard one person say they wouldn't like to do it again! Everyone had a great time!

The magic of these events is the fact teachers, parents and kids get to do something together! As much as we love cheering our kids on, and sometimes them cheering us on - there are not many sports where adults and kids all compete together.  Special mentions to Mallory Beaumont - The youngest (possibly ever) 'sprint category' finisher! Jude Scott, Jay Russel, Thor Beaumont and Luc Kobberger who came first, second and 3rd  in their categories and Ms Gamble - Who swam, rode and ran for 5hrs :10 minutes. Amazing!"

(Little to Big)

Gecko Children Category 50m open water swim, 2km mountain bike, 500m run

Jude Scott - 19.0 (1st boy)
Thor Beaumont  - 19.0 (2nd boy)

Noah Kobberger - 21.0 (4th boy)

Petra Glazebrook - 22.0 (2nd girl)

Shay Natalotto - 22.0

Rebecca Skauen - 23.0 (3rd girl)

 Gecko Junior Category   100m  open water swim, 4km  mountain  bike, 1km  run

Jay Russell - 29.0 min (2nd boy)

Luc Kobberger - 29.0 min (3rd boy)
Christopher Skauen - 29.0 min (4th boy)

Aiden Scott - 30.0 min (5th boy)

Darko Glazebrook - 31.0 min (8th boy)

Samuel Courtine - 33.0 min
Isabella Lambert - 37.0 min (5th girl)

Sofia Lambert - 37.0 min (6th girl)

Timothy Glazebrook - 39.0 min

Quinn Natalotto - 40.0 min

Sprint Category 350m open water swim, 20km mountain bike ride, 5km beach run

PerChristian Skauen - 1hr:50min (9th Man)

Ros Natalotto - 2:16 (10th Woman)

Branco Gojsic - 2:22

Craig Lambert - 2:34

Mallory Beaumont - Youngest Sprint finisher!

Noah Beaumont - (good on ya dad!)

Stamina Category 750m open water swim, 40km mountain bike ride, 10km beach run

Matt Natalotto - 3hr:13 min (6th man)
James Dowling - 4:16
Rob Sommerville - 4:24
Fleur Gamble - 5:10


Shay had a good first race!

AIS mums and dads
The AIS kids

JD, Fleur and Matt
'Christopher had a great race too.

 Fun in the pool afterwards...

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