Monday 30 May 2011

Dear Jonathan,

G'day Jonathan,

Believe me when I say 'I feel your pain'! In December 2010, I suffered a brocken eye socket (Zygoma) , broken upper jaw and other facial injuries in a footbal clash.

When I watched your incident on TV I flashed back to that day here in Saigon in our international match against the Cambodian Cobras where I was taken out first few seconds of the match. Like you I ran off the ground,  unassisted, blood streaming down, pushing the trainers away, wanting to fight on but I knew my day was over.

Your return to footy a few weeks later was immpresive.! Especially the fact you kicked 5 goals.
On my return to football I did take a mark in the goal square for the Swanies in the 'Legends' anzac day friendship match. I slotted it, ran back to the bench, took a few autographs and retired on the spot (age 41). I've now turned my hand towards umpiring. So unlike you, I'm very glad to see you're playing on and I wish you all the best for the future. Hope you get you're confidence back soon...

Kind regards - Matt Natalotto (Vietnam Swans)

p.s I thought I looked rough...!
Me (December 2010)

Jonathan Brown - 2011

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