Monday 30 May 2011

Leave a comment on SSLS and breakfast is on me!

How can this be? Nothing is for free in this world! Especially in Saigon! Well screw that! This is dead set free.

I guarantee to personally come down from my office and buy anyone who posts me a comment a succulent Banh Mi and Ca phe da at the famous 'old lady' street seller on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai...out front of the centec tower.   HAVE I GONE MAD? Maybe? Must have been all the coconuts?...but its your treat!  Thats right. A bread roll with your choice of pork or fried egg and an ice coffee with 28 sugars ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you gotta do is leave me a comment. Its that easy. Call me a dickhead. Call me a nut.!  Post anything. I dare you! I'll be straight down that elevator to fix you up with old Chi Oi's special heart starter breaky!

Furthermore - If anyone decides to 'follow me' receiving updates of my blog and identifying themselves as a fan of my literary work - I will buy you the whole freakin banh mi stand and send missus chi oi home early!

You better believe it!

Your sincerely

Managing Director & CEO of Saigon Straight Line Sports

Matt Natalotto.

(..a much nicer version of Chi Oi's Banh Mi stand..)

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