Friday 3 June 2011

The message on sports massage...

Massage can support your training and recovery routine, however you should get the right kind of massage. If you can find someone who specializes in sports massage - this is probably better however maybe a void a deep tissue type massage right before an event. It may reduce your performance or provide some pain or discomfort. I've used the famous 'golden hands' place a couple of times recently for the 30min lower back and legs. I am swearing by this place. On both occasions it seemed to relieve the lower back pain I was suffering and although a little painful at the time, did not leave me in any pain afterwards. Quynhs have also done a good job in the past. Of course we are lucky to have this kind of service available in Vietnam at $5 to $10/hour. The same treatment in Australia will cost up to $70.+. Take advantage.

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