Tuesday 9 August 2011

Vietnam Vertical Run

For something different and a great view - I am giving this a go...October 30th 
....Training for this event has been surprisingly interesting. Actually there is a huge circuit out there of professional vertical runners. see VWC. They are freaks!

Some points to note I have read on their blogs and forums.

  • Considered one of the highest fat burning activities known. Aerobic + resistance = high callorie burning. "Among the most interesting data to emerge was that of calorie consumption; 80% per cent of energy consumed is directed towards transporting the mass upwards. In line with studies carried out with Geneva University in 1999 on uphill walking, stair climbing represents an ideal weight loss instrument for non runners. In fact, walking uphill, compared to the same exercise on level ground, consumes up to 10 times more calories*."
  • Training - Train with a weighted back back on to increase resistance
  • Aim to average about 9 seconds per floor (for a 50 story race)
Personally I have been doing my 22 floors at the office each day..this takes me about 4 1/2  mintues so Im well off the pace still!...

This weekend I will try to access the Bitexo building for a real training session!


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