Friday 16 September 2011

Triathlon + Dengue Fever

(1st place - Dengue sufferers catergory)
2 days before the Vietnam International Triathlon I started suffering head aches and fever. I sort of knew something was wrong but as all good competitors do a few days out from a race - I ignored it. During the race I felt a right mess. No energy and on the verge of stopping the entire day.... That was nothing compared to how I felt after the race! I was later diagnosed with Dengue Fever. I probably should not have competed. In fact on race morning I woke with a very high temperature and knew it was a risk to even start the race. It was also probably against the rules to compete as I signed a health waiver saying I was in reasonable health...blah, blah... so I guess I lied there. However I know many others in my position would have too. You just do. Anyway, I made it! Suffice to say I only just finished the race and didn't set the world on fire with my times. In fact I went outside 3 hours for the first time in my life for an O.D tri. However I have to say all in all I am happy to have done Vietnam's biggest event as I may not be here next year... But if I am I guess Ill probably give it another crack. After all - I didn't set the bar too high!

Even getting into my boots and number belt on became a challenge!

thank god thats over!

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