Thursday 19 April 2012

Manila - 38 hour reccy

The sport that comes to mind when I think about Manila is boxing! Ali-Fraser. And now Manny Paquiou. So, as it is now official the Natalottos moving to Manila July 2012 a post seemed appropriate. Sport seems like an important part of Fillipino life. Many basket ball courts and baseball parks in the city. Also soccer is big.
Did a FIFO reccy to check out the town and schools. It was fairly hectic!
Arrive Tuesday 3pm. Visit 5 villages (compounds), 6 (potential) houses for rent, 3 potential schools, the potential office, the hotel, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, 5 shopping malls and a cafe! Depart 38 hours later!  Back at work in HCMC Thursday 9am.!

3pm Tuesday - Arrive Manila
3pm Wednesday  - (Potential) School # 3
late Wednesday...

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