Saturday 22 November 2014

BGC Cycle Asia with Robbie McEwen

A dream realised. If you re an NBA fan, equate this to meeting Michael Jordan. If you re an AFL nut this is the equivalent of having a beer with Lee Mathews. For me it was spending an hour with Robbie McEwen in a bookstore cafe, drinking coffee and having a laugh in an impromptu meeting - which was really just a couple of Aussies catching up in a foreign city. Robbie was in town promoting the BGC cycling event and his book, which was released this month. I made a point to do my shopping and drop by the book store on the way out to see what was happening. To my great fortune I happened to meet Robbie and his manager at the cafe bar.I offered to share my table and we hung out for an hour. Great bloke, happy to share a lot of his life stories with me and enquire a lot about living in Manila. Tried not to act like a groupie,and to be honest the conversation just flowed, not even focused on cycling or the tour or those epic sprints he won during his stellar career on the bike. Talked about Asia, the gold coast, Belgium, our kids and life in the Philippines. A great experience for me and hopefully a normal day for Robbie and his manager who I think enjoyed the casual encounter.
And to top it off (Coincidentally) I even made it as poster boy of the 2014 event! Kids thought that was hilarious!

Robbie and me

BGC streets at the start

ALWAYS show off at the finish line!

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