Saturday 14 March 2015

ANZAC Day in Vietnam

If you're in or around Vietnam on ANZAC Day, get down to Vung Tau to watch the Vietnam Swans take on the Singapore Wombats in this years Asian AFL match up. And any other year check out the Swannies web site to see which team they have invited to the inaugral 'friendly'
I've played, attended and even umpired in these matches and I can confirm its a fantastic day all round. This year, as ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday, the games will follow the morning service at Long Tan.
I flew over from Malaysia to play in the 'Legends Match' and watch my team mates play in the Main Event.

Vietnam has a habit of brining out the patrotism in me.. which I really would say I normally have a great sense of, however one cant helped but be moved and reflect on the stories and history you will undoubtable hear whilst in Vung TAu. This very ground infact is where the aussie diggers would play during R&R from the front lines during the Vietnam / American war.  Probably due to my attendence at many of these games, and my time living in southern Vietnam, I definately changed my perspective on that particular war, and of war in general. Although Im not willing to share my personal perspective here on a blog, suffice to say I developed a greater appreciation for those on ALL sides who have fought for their countries. 

Anyway, don't take my word for the ANZAC day frienship match - Please visit the Swannies web site for all the details.

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