Friday 24 July 2015

Cycling Tour of Vietnam # 3

Tour # 3
Mid 2016

Cycling buddies being sought for this epic trip of  life time which includes passing by the Hai Van pass and the worlds biggest caves! 
1) Bike 
2) Smart phone GPS & Charger
3) Spares
That's it!... Food and drinks are available on the road. 

The point of these rides is that they are unsupported but not unplanned. 
They retain a large element of unknown with out being unsafe. 
They remove some of the 'easy out' options in life to force you to test yourself.

Don't worry - I am always extremely well prepared and hardly ever get lost.!  :) 

If you have any doubt of the excitement to be realized by joining this ride with me then watch this Gopro footage descending the Hai Van Pass from last years tour.

I expect this trip to be the icing on the cake after 2 previous multi day tours and many single day tours which were all incredible in different ways. Actually I am quite unfamiliar with this region of Vietnam which adds to the excitement for me.

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