Thursday 26 November 2015

Staying fit OffShore

Lunges with flanges
To help fund my travels I work a FIFO roster in the offshore oil and gas industry. Living and working in a confined space such as an offshore platform, I'm always conscious of keeping my body moving and building strength. During a normal day I walk about 5km/day,  climb around 50 flights of stairs and use the gym and focus on both leg and upper body resistance training. It definitely pays off once I'm  back on dry land and allows me to get straight back on the bike without too much re-conditioning required.

In case you don't do enough stair walking on the platform each day - Hit the helideck at sunset for a wander and some open air time.

some rues I follow;
1) Walk outside a lot each day
2) Don't eat too much (the food is very good here!!)
3) Hit the gym and treadmill most nights 

Many of the guys here use 'fit-bit' to count their steps and sets of stairs each day. I haven't joined the fit-bit gang yet, but I think the highest recorded steps (whilst working) in a day is well over 20,000 including 200 flights of stairs!

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