Friday, 2 October 1992


At the Copa, Copa cabana
No justice to Rio a picture can find
The mountains. The city. Favelas behind
We sought Ipanema bars and beaches
Or they sought us like a church seeks believers
Learning to samba. Drinking frangelico
Laying in a taxi I looked up to see El Cordovero
With his arms spread wide a beacon in the night
Not one for sightseeing - but that was a sight
And for all the sights there was to see
They were just the backdrop as life happened to me
Temporarily adopted in Angra dos reis 
We had family dinners and fished every night
You take from Brazil what you’re willing to give
The way that they love. The way that they live
We bussed to the falls - Iguazu lived up to the hype
A romantic place - but Brad’s not my type
Didn't see enough of Brasil - Only had a few weeks
But to return one day is my promise to keep

Brad and the Cordovoro fromSugar loaf

Foz the Iguazu

En route to Agrs dos reis

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