Monday 8 March 2021

Local travel 1 - Nannup festival followed by Hamlin Bay

 With the pandemic and all restricting international travel, I took a few local holidays which in every case turned out to be more interesting and rewarding than I was probably expecting. 

First stop Nannup to the annual music festival. On arrival we learnt just how close this event had come to being cancelled just hours before it kicked off, however it didn't - and we were lucky enough to have not only our first holiday in a while, but also to be at a (small) music festival and enjoying live music again!

The line up was mixed, with a range of folk and acoustic acts, some real bush rockers who usually played at the Nannup pub rear garden venue and a finale' featuring our favorite band of the event, Alter boy.


yee ha

The natural amphitheater 

The pub
The rock garden

When the show was over, we drove  couple hours west to the Augusta coast and chilled at the amazing Hamlin Bay for a few days. This location and the caravan park situated right behind the dunes is amongst my favourite camping places... anywhere really!

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