Sunday, 8 September 1991


Arriving in England with no actual plan
Lost on the tube - room only  to stand
A travellers magazine said the court hotel
A shared room for 3 the size of a cell
Without work or a plan I was wrong to assume
London would be easy to find a cheap room
Within a few weeks I had no place to stay
Suddenly homeless. 10 pounds to my name
I called on a friend. A few nights to sleep
I looked for a job to pay my own keep
Found work in a bar. They gave me a room
I saved a few quid, I would leave town soon
Looked up my family, An uncle and aunty
In Lincolnshire. A cold northern county
I worked on a farm - They were long, hard days
In the rain and snow for minimal pay
Up before dawn it was bitterly cold
but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I’m told
I knew deep down It was a lesson to learn
Then oneday, a call I felt I had earned
A job in London for a wage 10 fold
It was the break I needed to get a foothold
I met many people who came but soon went
When the going got tough and their money was spent
They chose to go home to what they once knew
The easy way out. Marry the first love from high school
But I knew the best way was to prove to myself
That I could make it in the world and create my own wealth
To find a way through and not to call dad
Just learn to survive through the good and the bad
I knew if I failed I'd live to regret
The chance again I may never get
In South London digs, friends I soon made
Met a girl called Sam from Adelaide
Suddenly everything seemed to go right
18 months since I boarded that fight
The pub and the pints. The west end shows
The church on Sundays where anything goes
I holidayed in France. Ran the bulls in Spain
Visited Brad in Scotland and did Europe by train
But London was just a means to an ends
The beginning of what would come next
So I asked myself what inspired me
It was South America I wanted to see
I followed through on my promise I made to myself
To see the world and come out of my shell
I said goodbye to Sam and the shared house crew
And to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil I flew