Friday 2 October 1992


At the Copa, Copa cabana
No justice to Rio a picture can find
Nestled in mountains. Favelas behind
We sought Ipanema, its bars and its beaches
Or they sought us like a church seeks believers
Trying to Samba with Frangelico shots
The nightlife was hectic, so many hots spots
Laid out in a taxi on the way home
I looked up to see El Cordovero
Arms spread wide he lit up the sky
Not one for sightseeing - but that was a sight
And with all the sights there were there to see
They were all just a backdrop as life happened to me
Travelers in every true sense of the word
We prided ourselves of avoiding the herd
Adopted by family in Angra dos reis 
We fished in the bay until the day light
Black beans and rice. Street food for the soul
We slept on the bus to Sao Paulo
A detour forced we couldn't resist
Iguazu falls shouldn't be missed
One of few places that lives up to the hype
A romantic place - but Brad’s not my type
We travelled to places lesser unknown
Redgums on roadsides remind us of home
I savored the coffee I drank on the street
As fresh as air, black, strong and sweet
You take from Brasil the small thing you see
The cities and towns. The life on the street

Brad and the Cordovoro fromSugar loaf

Foz the Iguazu

En route to Agrs dos reis