Saturday 18 October 2014

The Amazing Mount Mayon, Bicol

Another must do activity around Mt Mayon is Quad biking. The Kids absolutely loved this! They all got a huge buzz out of being in charge of their own powered go anywhere bikes! Awesome.

Friday 17 October 2014

1 More Asian Champs

An unlikely goal realized for me to compete in 1 more Asian champs. The Philippine Eagles played well - not making the dizzying heights of the final as they did in 2013 - but getting to a semi where we were defeated by the HongKong Dragons. Singapore Wombats eventual champions of 2014.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Big Sports Bike Manila

I have to admit I'm quite proud of surviving over 3 years on a big bike in Manila. Flooded streets, Jeepneys, massive pot holes, oil puddles, monsoonal rain, corrupt cops, bug swarms, getting chased in a road rage incident, countless punctures (and countless vulcanised repairs) and even a riding down a set of stairs failed to stop the big blue beast.
However the most memorable day onthe bike was when I was invited to the procession ride for the funeral of good friend Steve Aurthur. I rode with Manoli Loukas (Zorba) who would sadly loose his own life just a few months later.  Some of the pics below are from that ride with Steve's Harley being ridden in remembrance.