Thursday 28 April 2011

Mui Ne Triathlon Training Program - 3 weeks out.

As we turn the corner for the home run to the Mui Ne Triathlon you should now be at your maximum training level.

For a regular day job type working person like me, who has some resemblence of a social life (unlike me), 6 hours a week cross training is a good level to aim for. You will ideally do 4 x 1.5 hour sessions of bike-run, swim -run or ride. This added to a gym session or 2 should see you comfortably over the line for the full distance Mui Ne event of 750/40/8.

Those who are able to achieve 10 hours/week should be setting goals a little higher and considering nutrition closely too. With that sort of time sleeping, eating and recovery become very important.

However, If you are only putting together 3 hours / week cross training dont worry! You'll be fine. As long as 1 hour is running and 1 hour is swimming, you can wing it on the bike!  These are not the words of an over achieving weekend warrior but an honest and educated guess on what a lot of us actually do. Training is a time consuming affair and alot of us are not fortunate enough to go on 7 hour Sunday bike rides like Tony Abbott.

3 hours/week will get you comfortably home in the sprint 350/20/4 event. And even keep you in good company for the full distance race.

Remember - On the day you will have friends and family cheering you on which believe me -  will carry you a long way!

Vietnam Swans

The Vietnam Swans vs Hong Kong ANZAC weekend friendship match was a huge success.

Although umpiring for your mates can present a challenge at times!

Sunday 17 April 2011

Auskick Saigon continues to grow...

Auskick Saigon continued to grow on the weekend and we saw at least 5 new comers who all got involved in the warm up, drills and participated in a fantastic match which finished 5.1 to 4.1.

Next week will be even bigger with new kit bags to give away and [all going well at the printers] a new set of team jerseys.

Auskick Saigon Sundays, 9.00am at Parklands in District 2

For Full detail call or text Matt on 0123 896 8089

Friday 15 April 2011

Mui Ne Triathlon Training Program

In anticipation of the Mui Ne triathlon in May I am following a basic training program similar (but not quite the same) as previously used for Olympic distance tri's (1.5/40/10) although this event is slightly shorter at 750/40/8.

Swim - I try to swim  twice a week..but lately it’s only been once!! ... A 750m flat ocean swim should be easier than a 750m pool swim even with the turns, but if conditions are rough being able to bi-lateral breathe is a must. It enables you to breathe away from the prevailing chop. Also polo is a technique commonly used in ocean swims to help keep you heading in the right direction. I am banking on crossfit making up the gap in my lack of swim training to provide some upper body and core strength. Otherwise I would suggest weights and push ups if you are like me and won't make your 2 sessions a week in the pool... (this is not really a training program - Its a craming program)...anyway...swim like there's no ride....

Ride- The Mui Ne event is described as a "40km mountain bike ride" although much of it is on roads of some sort. You can usually add 50% to times on a mountain bike compared to a road bike, so prepare for a 2 hour ride! Forget distances in training, just go by time. I suggest a 1.5 hour training ride is a good mark to aim for. If you can't get out on a bike try an hour + on a gym bike just to get your upper legs stronger and your arse a little tougher. If you use a bike computer try to keep your average at 20km/h minimum.    I recently did a bit of riding in Mui Ne and it was windy! If the wind is a factor it means you will want to ride with a 'high cadence'. That is; using lower gears at higher revolutions rather than trying to push big gears into the wind. This will pay off particularly in the later stages of the ride. It will also save your legs for the run.   But in general, too much riding is not enough so get out there and clock up some k's. [See my previous postings for various routes around town]...and....ride like there's no run...

Run - Beach running. Road running, Either way - to prepare for an 8km Tri run you need to practice "brick". What? BRICK! Its a name for the bike/run combo. That is; Get off the bike after any length of ride, jump into your shoes and go for a run. This will condition you for the transition between bike and foot. [Probably the hardest part of the race]. If you can get over to Thao Dien I suggest riding 2 fast laps around NVH (10km), drop the bike and run 1 lap (5km's). The whole session only takes around 50 to 60 minutes. You should also run a standard 10km [non stop] at least oncce a week - You will need the endurance. Having recently done a bit of training on the beaches of Mui Ne I am also suggesting to wear shoes. The beach can be firm in some places...and like there’s no tomorrow.

So see you out on the track....

The next event - Le Fruit Triathlon, Mui Ne

21st May 2011

Crossfit Saigon

Check out crossfit Saigon...  Very early each day in Thao Dien.

Auskick Saigon

Auskick Saigon

Back at Parklands - From Sunday 17th April at 9.00am

Drills, Skill and Games for kids 6 to 10.