Wednesday 6 November 2019

The big five O

Turning 50 was fun!...

From  the moment we landed it was on. Bukit Bintang, the track, bit of sight seeing, bars and restaurants. Repeat. Sometime on Sunday evening Sean pointed out we had only slept 8 of the 48 hours we had been in KL. All up it was 3 days and nights of mayhem. Best fun with the best bunch of mates.  

As always the MotoGP was an awesome experience. 
My 3rd attendance to the race was definitely, without doubt my most memorable.
But that was entirely due to the crew I had helping me celebrate.
The team shirts say it all right?

The apartment, transport, entertainment and the race all went better than we could hope for.
The guys may not know it (As I'm the first to turn 50 in this crowd), but having them there made the pain of getting old completely disappear. 
Will I go to the MotoGP in KL again? Yes - almost certainly.
Will we ever reach the heights of November 2019? Unlikely... but we may give it a shot.

If you're interested in doing this trip one year - the total cost for airfares, accommodation and race ticket with a 3 day pass is
approximately $500 ASD total! 

Jarrods favourite pic of the tour 

Foot massages required after walking around so much