Friday 1 May 1992


Colombia's southern border

By foot border crossing in Colombia’s south

By dusk we arrived at an old student town

Popayan was a place it was clear to see

My friend was in town and I sort company

With its beautiful square and beautiful streets

We got lost and explored its long history

As the evening approached we followed the sound

The night life we sought was easily found

Merengue we danced, by locals its taught

I picked up the rhythm, at least that's what I thought

A drug cartels daughter asked me to dance

Her guards closely watched where I put my hands

So to Cali we left next day with the sun

Arrested boarding the bus, a man with a gun

We arrived safely, but safety was low

On the list as far as our priorities go

In Cali we made many new friends

In a car one night with some locals I'd met

A party they promised, but first to collect

Driving too fast - back seat drinking rum

We stopped at a house - and they pulled out a gun

With a cuarento cinco he shot the front door

Gun smoke and rubber, then foot to the floor

As we rounded a corner, I jumped from the car

A drive by in Cali I wanted no part

I made my way home with a new perspective

Risk could be fun but I wanted to live

More was installed in Medellin

A notorious city the Narcos thrived in

Seemed fine on arrival on the surface at least

So I went looking for trouble out on the streets

Impossible then for me to ignore

A night on the town with the unknown instore

My Spanish enough to get me by

I soon found my friend, my confidence high

Maybe it was, the time of my life

But I knew If I stayed soon I would die

My friends had my back, and helped me to see

To come up for air, And with them to leave

Bogota came as a pleasant surprise

I enjoyed the culture it opened my eyes

Barranquilla was next on the Caribbean coast

Stayed in a town where no one wore clothes.

I cleansed my soul going nude for a week 

Spiritually free, slept on the beach

So a year had passed since I flew into Brasil

So much I had seen - so much was fulfilled

I knew in my heart I had changed in that time

A change that would last for the rest of my life

I guess who I am now is from what I have seen

And slowly but surely I like the new me

age 22
My great Guatemalan travelling buddy Riccaro

Dr Paul Goldrick and Chris the scouse twat

Barranquilla on the north Colombian Carribean coast