Friday, 1 May 1992


Colombia's southern border

We crossed the border In Colombia’s south

To Popayan first - an old student town

From the day we arrived it was clear to see

My friend was in town and i sort company

Our excitement grew high as we left Popayan

For Cali was next, it had a reputation

Things soon got crazy - the nights had no end

One night in car with some new local friends

Driving too fast - we all were having fun

We stopped at a house - and they pulled out a gun

La cuarento cinco they laughed as they shot up the house

I jumped out of the car and rolled on the ground

The following day we laughed about it

But the gun going off had scared me like shit

Still searching for more in Medellin

A notorious city the Narcos lived in

It seemed fine to me on the surface at least

BUt as I dug deep I soon saw the streets

I met a girl there - she spoke English to me

We had a coffee and agreed later to meet

We went to a bar she taught me to dance

Left foot, right foot, step forward, step back.

With her and my friend unlimited supply

I knew If i stayed soon I would die

I couldn't cut free,  no way to leave  town

In a sea of sin I was sure to drown

But my friends had my back, and helped me to see

to come up for air, make my excuses and leave

It was a dream come true, but  I thought it was real

But dreams can deceive when you forget how to feel

I cleared my head in Bogota I think

I stayed away from my friend and limited drink

I bussed to Barranquilla the carribean coast

I stayed at a place where no one wore clothes.

Does wonders for the soul Going nude for a week 

Spiritually free, sleeping on the beach

A year had passed since I flew into Brasil

So much I had seen - so much was fulfilled

I knew in my heart I had changed in that time

South America changed me for the rest of my life

and who I am now is from what I have seen

And slowly but surely I like the new me

age 22
My great Guatemalan travelling buddy Riccaro

Dr Paul Goldrick and Chris the scouse twat

Barranquilla on the north Colombian Carribean coast