Monday 1 June 1992




Into Ecuador with my confidence high

I was craving again that new friend of mine

American students all on exchange

We found an apartment - long term we arranged

Took Spanish classes by day, took my friend at night

Practiced merengue until the daylight

But despite my desire to assimilate

I met a girl from New york, somewhere upstate

We travelled the coast with 2 of her friends

4 in a room but only 2 beds

We arrived at a beach with world renowned surf

I rented a board. A non-surfer from Perth

The water was cold I had no leg rope

I lost the surfboard and soon couldn't cope 

The waves took me under I was losing the fight

But I decided that day was not my day to die

With my last breath the shore I had reached

I vomited water as I laid weak on the beach

We went to the mountains A place of recluse

An experience based on san pedro cactus juice

I saw my whole life in a view from above

I let go of my anger and promised to love

It was an experience I believe to this very day

Gave perspective and light and reset pathways

Living in Quito, for 2 months of the year

With my friend, Quesadillas and American beer

One night in my room DEA  busted through

They searched but I flushed my friend down the loo

A bullet I dodged by a whisker that night

Danger and risk seemed to be a part of my life

So I got out of town to the Galapagos islands

I swam with iguanas, penguins and the sea lions 

To the mainland we returned and to Banos’ we climbed

Surrounded by volcanoes hot baths we would find

We bathed in the waters from which it is named

Banos is gone now – By lava reclaimed

To leave Ecuador an inevitable day

A girl called Ary to the bus port she came

I told her one day that I’d return

Another lie for which in hell I will burn

Travelling around Equador with Catherine, Kate and Pete

I got the slow horse

Meeting a sea lion in the Galapogos
A town in Equador

Banos 1992