Monday 23 February 2015

Move to Malaysia. Biking Borneo

Another 3 years ticks by and another country posting - This time the east Malaysian state of Sarawak.
With limited things to do here, I suddenly have lots of time to run, ride and swim. My increased Strava activities can testify to to my decreased non strava activities. So this weekend I took on a round trip to Niah National Park.  Perfect for a first up 'Biking Borneo' experience.
Drivers; Having moved directly here from Manila, and prior to that Vietnam I have to say the drivers here are ultra conservative. So much so that sometimes, instead of passing a cyclist, they will slow down to cycling speed and wait  behind until the oncoming cars have passed. Then go around you with 3m clearance.!
I took the coast road out and the inland road back. Neither earth shattering spectacular but the roads were relatively quiet and air was clean!
Additionally, the Niah National park was very good and well worth the visit. Tourists often do this as a day trip (in cars and buses) from Miri. I stayed the night in the 'cave inn' (hahaha) hotel in Niah.
You can see my Trip advisor review on that. Enough said.