Sunday 31 July 2011

5 Towns - 5 bikes. Travelling Vietnam - Summer holidays 2011

Photo journal...July 2011
>>>Travelling the length of Vietnam by train>>>
>>>Saigon>Nha Trang>Hue>Hanoi>Sapa>Hanoi>>>

Cycling > Walking > Snorkelling + Swimming > Trekking > Footy...
Travelling can involve a ton of sport if you want it too...

The ride from Hue to Da Nang was spectacular with lots of bridges and tunnels...

Levi & I bunked together most times..
Rule #1 – Always travel with a footy!

Keeping skills up is very important
  Diving and snorkeling - Beautiful coral and fish life around Nha Trang... Great for keeping up holiday fitness , improves lung capacity and maintains the kids swimming skills over the school holidays.

Snorkeling off Nha Trang

Levi learnt to snorkel and saw loads of fishies!

Trekking in the mountains and valleys of Sapa.

..adding a load to your back also increases the challenge!

Local hmong lady helping Levi out...

The boys loved the excitement of trekking and climbing..they also loved the mud!

Ros and Quinn climbing the tracks from 'cat cat' village

Lao Chai valley
Shay walked around 18kms over the 3 days

Levi leads the way..

...we saw many beautiful water falls and river crossings

Cycling... So many places…so many bikes… Vietnam is a cycling heaven.
'Jungle beach' tandems

I borrowed many bikes on the trip - this was bike # 1, given to me by owner of jungle beach resort near nha trang...

At Jungle beach (60kms north of Nha trang) my daily riding included a stunning 12km climb and descend from Jungle beach to ‘unknown fishing village’… see map.

 This is a challenging but very rewarding ride as the village is a very pretty and traditional operating sea weed farming community. It also provided a good place to grab a coffee and water before replaying the 12 km climb-descend.

This is bike # 2. probably the worst bike I have ever riden...but I was despaerate. Anyway it did the job!
..Hit 70km/hr on this descent!
Cycling and Cyclos are the best way to get around Hue. A morning of temple hoping on the bike is one of the most pleasant things to do in Vietnam. The paths around Hue are made for cycling. Flat, peaceful and beautiful surroundings to observe.  I included the 250 year old Thanh Toan bridge, Tu Duc, Khai Dinh and several other ancient buildings on my intinery…..
Cruising around Hue with the boys in a cyclo...

Cyclos are a great way to site see

Bike # 3. This tourer was a bit better. I did a beautiful early morning ride to see many temples around Hue. I also came with in 30kms of the Laos border. This is the 250 year old 'Thanh Toan' bridge...

Khai Dinh Temple
Cycling Sapa!

Lao Chai Valley is at around 1200m elevation...

Bike # 4 - This was about the best set of wheels I had. A giant hard tail. I climbed from the valley floor at 1200m to the highest road pass in Vietnam at 2000m. The bike held up well untill descending at 70km/hr the brake cable decided to snap.! I have to come down with front brakes only. Suffice to say I lectured the hotel on the art of bike maintenance when I got back to town.!

...and Thac bac, the highest road pass in Vietnam is at around 2000m above sea level..

hmong woman walking around the roads of Sapa... at 2001m above sea level..


Bike # 5. The specially adapted kids seat allowed Levi and I to see all of the old quater in comfort!

wild lfe of Hanoi old quater...

Auskick, Melbourne and the MCG

I would be derelict in my duty as a footy follower if I went to Melbourne and did not go to the MCG……twice! Unfortunately the games I saw were 100 and 75 point smashings!

The Auskick was possibly more exciting than the AFL on this particular day.
Speaking of Auskick I spoke with members of the AFL and Auskick
program in Melbourne and let them know about our great group of expat Auskickers in Saigon!  
Auskick will resume on August 14th at Parklands, however we will hold a free introductory session  at 9.00 am on Sunday 7th of August at the AIS sports centre to sign up kids for the new season.
The new season at parklands is planned as follows;
Starting Sunday 14th August, 9.00am.
Auskick Skills, Drills and Games! 
Fee is 400,000 vnd per month (4 sessions) . Includes sports kits for all kids.  Don’t forget your sun cream and hat! (Water supplied).