Friday 10 October 2008

Mountain Biking in WA...and my expedition on the Munda Biddi

Mountain biking in WA has had its ups n downs over the years... but this article posted in the West Australian news this week gives hope of great things to come... That is not to say the mountain biking community haven't had some excellent support in the past with the Munda Biddi Trail  - a 900km trail between Perth and Albany which if in full operation is probably one of the longest dedicated MTB trails in the world.
In 2008 I joined a 5 day ride with a group of friends on the first 300 km or so from Perth to Collie. Being the days before Strava that ride is not logged but I have  a diary of it somewhere, some photos and my memory of the ride which gets more adventurous every year.

Next planned ride on the Munda Biddi?...Unknown. Although I intend to take the kids on the next expedition. Multi-day rides on the Munda Biddi involve sleeping out in the trail shelters, campfires, drinking from rivers, chasing (or getting chased by) wild emus and kangaroos, getting lost, cooking tins of beans, cooking marshmallows, stopping at townships for burgers and chocolate and heaps of other stuff kids hate.
Any way - read the article, check out Munda Biddi web site, buy the map series, have a look at my pics from 2008 and give it go... (P.s - We did it in October and it was extremely f**k*ng cold at night!)

Shelters like this are 40km apart (usually do 2 per day).. Hey thats 80km!

All of life's necessities are allowed for... save the environment man!
We took cameras...with fil'm...

This pic of Asher is extremely staged...

We did PERTH > COLLIE (Coz thats all that was built in 2008)..I also would like to sincerely thanks from the bottom of my heart the person(s) I plagiarized this map from on google images..

Us...using an old school front of a sign..

Us front of the Collie pub after 5 day ride...(Where we all got very intoxicated shortly after this pic)