Sunday 20 September 2015

Miri Bakam Challenge 2015

Hosted by the Miri Mountain Bike Club, the 2015 Bakam challenge took place at the Borneo-tropical-rainforest-resort just outside Miri in the mountains at Lambir National Park.
As much as I appreciate all the hard work the club put into organizing this event, the run was a bit of a disaster with many competitors getting lost. In fact a majority of the competitors in my category (vets) failed to complete the run and the placings were awarded based on the bike leg only. (I snatched 3rd :) ).
In anycse - the bike leg was great. A tough 20km course through forest and palm oil plantations.
I managed to complete the run leg (by following a well orientated member of MMBC) and really enjoyed the run leg too. 6km of jungle running in Borneo is probably equivalent to a 1/2 M. Seriously tough.!

Sorry about the strange caeram angle - trying out a new helmet mount which didn't sit too well ..
Things done well: - Mountain Bike Course. Marshaling. Location. Lunch!
Not so well: Run leg markers. Pre race briefing - didnt explain the course well enough