Tuesday 28 June 2011

"my only weakness is...I'm weak!" [Homer J Simpson]

With the Vietnam Triathlon about 10 weeks away (and just a month after the summer school holidays end) it is important for those planning on competing to keep the body ticking over during summer.

While on holidays a lot of us will change routine and eating habits - sometimes dramatically!  Coupled with the fact our sporting partners and running buddies have all left town this may contribute to us to doing very little for a long period of time!

So....AIS kids, mums and dads and teachers too. Lets keep the momentum going for the Vietnam international triathlon in September.

Weekday morning running Thao Dien (5km and 10km sessions. 5.30am)
Weekend Cycling (Sundays 6.00am)

Sunday 26 June 2011

Chess Season Open

Did you know Chess is a seasonal sport? Yes - and its starts soon. SSA conducted free sessions for the kids at the AIS school on Saturday. The boys participated in the level 2 class. It was a fun and challenging day. Great to see how much they concentrate and enjoy this mentally challenging sport as much as they enjoy the more physical sports. Considering the scorching weather in Saigon at the moment it was actually a nice change to do our Saturday morning sport in an air conditioned class room instead of the footy field!

Dane Swan and Warwick Capper

Unbelievable but true...and here is the picture to prove it.

Dane Swan and Warwick Capper snapped out in Saigon last night!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Saigon East / West Loop....

This is one of the city's best morning rides as the roads are relatively new and dare I say - relatively safe!  Join me for a weekly ride or post me a comment.


Rob - you are so mature when

I'm taking pictures behind my back!!





Tuesday 14 June 2011

Friday 10 June 2011

BMX stunt - First ever triple back flip.

Obviously this thing has gone viral around the world but I'm posting it anyway in case you haven't seen it.!

BMX triple - First time ever!

I tried the very same stunt.....in 1982, aged 13...

Sunday 5 June 2011

Ancient relics......and bike review #2

Built around the turn of the century this ancient relic was a real treat to find... It took me back to days long past, exploring a world between old and new, modern and ancient,  science and spiritual.  Yes - I found a Giant-DS Warp Dual Suspension to rent~Classic!

The DS warp first appeared on the scene around 2000. Compared to today's high tech duallies it feels like a pogo stick to ride with no lock out (front or rear) and with at a fighting weight of around 18kgs its a bit of a lug to push up hill, yet there was something beautiful about stepping back in time onto this once king of the down hill. Actually it handled well, was very comfortable and I was able to average 24 kmh for the day. The old warp passes the test of time!

(Apparently the buildings behind me are quite old too!)

Also see: Bike review # 1

And see below for my route around Ankor wat and Siem reap, Cambodia.

Friday 3 June 2011

The message on sports massage...

Massage can support your training and recovery routine, however you should get the right kind of massage. If you can find someone who specializes in sports massage - this is probably better however maybe a void a deep tissue type massage right before an event. It may reduce your performance or provide some pain or discomfort. I've used the famous 'golden hands' place a couple of times recently for the 30min lower back and legs. I am swearing by this place. On both occasions it seemed to relieve the lower back pain I was suffering and although a little painful at the time, did not leave me in any pain afterwards. Quynhs have also done a good job in the past. Of course we are lucky to have this kind of service available in Vietnam at $5 to $10/hour. The same treatment in Australia will cost up to $70.+. Take advantage.

Thursday 2 June 2011

Stats rule the world...

Statistics! I love them. All sports lovers love them. Sports competitors love them. Kids love them too. They tell what you or your team did wrong, right, worse , better longer or further than before.

One stat I was particularly proud of  recently was the percentage of AIS people competing in the Mui Ne Triathlon last month.

31 individuals at last count - out of a total of around 150 competitors. That's 20% of the entire field!  Well done AIS.!

However lets not stop there. This is just the beginning. As I hope to be announced as the official AIS triathlon coach next season I will be releasing regular inspirational updates like this.

Here's the first; 

 Although triathlon is a race purely against yourself its good to use percentages and averages of your competitors to gauge your progress.

Now that we have some data to go on I suggest to do this in preparation of your next event ;

  1. Note your percentage placing in the field in Mui Ne. For example I placed 6th in a field of 36.  [ formula is 6 / 36 x 100 = 16.66% ]  Then if you like round off (up if you had a bad race or flat or a mechanical - Down if you had a good race or the rest of the field got lost) so lets say I'll go with 20%.

  2. Look up last years results of your next race. Lets use the Vietnam International Triathlon in September. Pick the 20 % mark in your category. [ eg, Men aged 40 - 45 has 25 competitors. The 20% mark place getter is [Jo Blo] came 5th.  Time = 2hrs:39min.

  3. Note this arbitrary persons time and make it your goal. You should also be able to find the split times and use those as direct training guides. E.g 1500m swim - 26:33, 40km ride, 1:18, 10km rum 50:09.

  4. Its nothing against Jo Blo but Mr Blo better know your out to kick his arse come September. Ol' Blo is toast! He's your man (or woman). Go get him!

Point is - It doesn't matter what time you aim for - as long as you have a time to work to. It gives you an over all runing time which you can then break down and train to. It gives you a bike average to sit on as you train around the city in the mornings. And it allows you to know you swim lap times. Aiming just to finish a triathlon is good. Aiming to finish with in a pre set time and position in the field is a mini science which will increase your interest reward in each event.

Please note; If anyone competed in the Vietnam International Triathlon called Jo Blo it is purely coincidental and no offense is intended to Jo or the Blo family.

Happy training...!

Saturday Morning Football 8.00am at AIS Sports Center

All primary years welcome....