Tuesday 27 December 2011


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Mui Ne To Saigon (Via Vung Tau), March 2012

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Monday 19 December 2011


If you have a fear of singing you will need to get over it to enjoy a normal night out in Saigon. Karaoeke is simply standard protocol at any social gathering, work function, birthday party, wedding and everything else! I walked into one of my first team building functions with the unwaivering mindset I would not be getting up with the mic. I was a newly arrived manager at an engineering company and felt I may be exempted. I was also a a very average singer at best and did not want to lose respect of my workforce. I was also convinced if I said no enough times I would be left alone. 

Anyway, this is me 2 hours later.  

looks better than it sounds!

Saturday 17 December 2011

Helmet Laws in Australia - For Adults

I thought this was worth a post as it explains how helmet laws in oz act only to restrict cycling amongst adults.....I guess its about choice

Monday 12 December 2011

Quoc Lo 13 - Binh Duong stopping at bach dang river front cafes in Phu Cuoung

This is really one of the best Sunday morning cafe rides in the city! Around 100kms (or can shorten by turing around at the second toll) out and back on Quoc Lo 13 (taking unnecessary risks),doing some good speeds with one of the many groups guaranteed out....some with their own motorbike support clearing each intersection as we run reds. The banh mi at phu cu'ong was the best I have ever had. This old chinese area of Saigon specializes in roast duck and pork. Great way to end a ride!

The cafe girls brining our breaky and small chairs over from across the street

Great cafe and Banh Mi by the river...

Sunday morning badmington and cycling...

The vegetable lady leading us out....

that Pig is still kickin'....

Sunday 4 December 2011

AIS third overall in first ever HCMC primary school sports carnival

I had a great day out tagging along with Fleur and the AIS team to the inter-school sports carnival at the main stadium in D10 on Saturday. The minute I walked in I had flash backs to 'little athletics' from when I competed as a kid. I got right into it and found myself standing on the seats cheering along all day!  Quinn did some field sports like medicine ball throwing and jumps. She also ran the 800. This was my favorite race in high school. Its a very strategic race and I explained to Quinn and Rebeka the importance of saving some energy the final lap and coming home strong. ( A negative split).  The girls followed instructions and competed well considering they had minimal training.!  The school overall did excellent and really punched above our weight!
The kids outperformed many bigger schools!
Quinn ran the 800m. A very tough race for any kid!!

Streets of Thao Dien

6.00am in my street - The girls next door often play badminton before school...