Saturday 11 January 2014

Nuvali Trails

We visit the Nuvali estate regularly to ride the MTB trails.  Last week we discovered a new adventure camp being built (Camp N). This wek Levi rode his new, first mini mountain bike. Much faster than the old 16" bike. We clocked up nearly 20Kms.!  See Levi Here
Bikers Cafe

Hard to find - Bikers Drink Stop cafe

Shay on his new bike

Levi oon top of the hill

new adventure camp

Natural tunel

Shay at the end

Levi had to walk up some of the bigger hills!

Friday 10 January 2014

Cycling Manila to General Santos City. (Planned Early 2015)

Before I Die or leave Philippines I plan to ride Manila to Gen. Santos. The route is over 1000km but incredibly  is achieved with only 2 ferry crossings!  
The main inspiration I have for doing it is this German dude I met on the road one day. Spotted his loaded up bike as I rode past a gas station..He was sitting there drinking a beer alone. I stopped, bought him another beer and we chatted about the route.  He was in his last 100kms after leaving Gen. Santos city 3 weeks earlier.\What a legend. 

Roll on Roll Off Map (RORO)
German cycling Legend

How to carry...everything.