Tuesday, 23 October 2018

AFL Asia Champs 2018

The 2018 edition of the Asian AFL Champs was held in KL in October.
Once again it was a monumental event with over 20 teams competing including a womans division for the first time.
I pulled on the boots for the Philippine eagles one last time. Played the first 3 games of 5. We made the grand final only to be beaten in a hard fought contest by the super strng Indonesian Volcanoes.
Matt Rutter, Anthony Sacco, Winner Santos, Evan Spargo, Ed Newbound and Mr Aisa Kaweng NG lead the team once again. This core group ar no doubt the team has reached such great heights which includes the last 3 AFL Asian grand finals. Whilst it was comiserations after the final,we managed to pull ourselves together and celebrate the weekend with all the other teams.
Another great weekend and I believe a very resepctable result. Next year the tournment may return to Vietnam where I will be a certainty to attend.
7am arrival

Coach Sacco giving me the word

The boys post match

Me and my roomie

A team that drinks together...

Silly Sunday

More silly Sunday

..and more..

..and a bit more

Newspaper article about the finals