Saturday 29 October 2011

Back to CrossFit after 3 month rest...I knew it wouldn't be easy.

Actually, Richard and Lieth went easy on us, or the high running + hand stand combination suited me as I didn't suffer too much. Actually this post is just an excuse to give Cross Fit a plug. It is a great work out and incredibly interesting! Richard and Lieth really know their stuff and constantly give support, advice and instructions in way that keeps you coming back and believing you can do more and more. I could go on but really its better to try it and decide for yourself. Warning - Its addictive.!

*Warm up* Run 800m *Russian gymnastic warm up - day 1* Upper-body pressing - 5 rounds of: Handstands x 3 Ring push-ups x5 Tripod/frog stand x 10 seconds x 3 Legs - 3 rounds of: Overhead squats x 10 reps ..

Session was ** 10 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups. Run 400....AMRAP in 14 minutes..(I did 4 1/2 )

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