Sunday, 1 July 1990



A time in my life

Where I didn't feel right

I travelled to Europe

A one way flight

A right of passage 

I considered it  like

A way to move forward 

To make sense of my life

Socially awkward

High with anxiety

Self medicating towards

The bottom of society

So the journey Began

with 20 hours flying

I would find myself somewhere

Or I’d die trying

Everything at home 

was dead to me now

Save for a backpack, a walkman

And a beach towel

Arrived at the islands 

famous for raves

Spent half of my funds

In the first few days

I met up with Brad 

on a boat with the Scots 

They welcomed me aboard

to sail to Mykanos

One night at the helm 

I did my shift

I lost all control 

and set us a drift

I fought against the ocean

4 hours or more

And as the sun rose

Ahead was the shore

It was fun and adventurous 

and I started to see

I was grateful For opportunities

 afforded to me

The 20 year old me 

I didn’t like

I needed to drink to socialize

So I started to try 

to control my life

I explored the islands 

Didn’t drink every night

One hot, windy day 

I decided to run

To the top of a mountain 

scorched by the sun

Catching my breath, 

I met a girl there

Taking pictures 

with wind swept hair

About our lives

we started to speak 

A little english 

and a little Greek 

Getting to know her 

over the next few days

Cigarettes and coffee

We avoided he raves

I played the lost boy

She took me to Athens

We went to dinner 

with some of her friends

They said I was cute

And asked me my name

We drank Retsina

And played drinking games.

Inside I was already 

feeling a change

In the past I wouldn't

have been this brave 

We travelled by train 

to where I don’t know

Through tunnels and mountains 

To a place she called home

I met with her family

Her dad shook my hand

We ate alfresco 

mosaka and lamb

The warm night air, 

swept through olive groves

The evening grew old. They left us alone

She took me to bed

We made love all night

Then Fell asleep

Just before the day light

I fell in love that Day

But not with the girl

I fell in love

with travelling the world


Sailing the islands


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