Saturday 18 September 2010

Saigon Bridges Fun Run

I am re-posting this track (first posted Sep 2010) as a starting point for the training up to the Hoi An Triathlon. This is definitely my favourite and most commonly taken running course in Saigon. It uses the previously discussed 5km Thao Dien Loop then shoots out into the city - over the Saigon bridge - returning back over the river via the Thu Thiem bridge the home via Tran Noa. [An option is of course not to do the Thao Dien loop first rather head straight out for the Saigon Bridge]. Its a 9km circuit or 14 with the loop. The bridges are a great way to get some sort of hill work in in the pancake flat city....or should it be banh xeo thang pho?. Anyway, I will do this run once a week - Probably Wednesdays when no crossfit.

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